BLOG OFF: Zisman ’20 vs. Kornman ’22

IMG_1176We like to stay pretty competitive here at The Thrill, and a Blog Off is one way we can definitively prove that one of us is objectively a better blogger (dare we say, a better person). So we leave it to you, the reader, to decide in a blind taste test who is really better as we square off on various topics. This time around, we have Executive Editor, Jane Zisman ’20 and Staff Writer, Rebecca Kornman ’22 battling it out RE: Hot vs. Cold Meatloaf Sandwich from the market. Who will come out victorious? Only you can decide.

Blogger A

I first tried the crown jewel of the village market, colloquially known as the meatloaf sandwich, during my sophomore year at Kenyon. I dared not unwrap this exquisite slab of meat from its plastic sheath before locking eyes with a microwave. I knew that the magic little heat box was essential to the meatloaf experience. I defend this stance forever and always: the meatloaf sandwich should be served HOT. Stick it in the microwave and let the cheese melt and juices flow. What makes eating this glorious meat patty such a beautiful experience? The ketchup coat. The light red tinge of the meatloaf is caused by an exterior, ketchup coating that is only activated once warmed. This ketchup coat mixes with the gooey cheese, pillowy, soft bun, and hot, ground beef to create a masterpiece that warms your mind, body, and soul. Let our meatloaf sandwiches be transformative. Let our meatloaf sandwiches live to their full potential. Let our meatloaf sandwiches incite revolution. Warm that bad boy up and devour him. Hot meatloaf sandwich is the only meatloaf sandwich I know. Cold meatloaf sandwich? Never heard of her.

Blogger B

There are few sandwiches as perfect as the market meatloaf sandwich, especially in its true, cold form. Meatloaf sandwiches are served cold and should be consumed cold. The bread is too delicate to withstand melted cheese and heated meat. Once microwaved, it loses all density and relies only on the loaf becoming a soggy mess. Cold meatloaf sandwiches are durable and refreshing. I’m sick and tired of hot food, we can get that in Peirce. What cold – not room temperature but COLD -food can you get in Peirce other than ice cream or a drink? Don’t tell me a salad or sandwich made in Peirce is cold because that’s counter factual. Let’s not rewrite history here. Finally and most importantly, a hot meatloaf sandwich can not be doctored with salt and vinegar kettle chips and a kosher dill pickle, and that is the truest travesty. 

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