Where’s it At w/ LFP + JZ

IMG_1715Hey! Where’s it at?!


Enjoy some old fashion, non-video content to find out where it’s at this weekend because reading is better for you than TV.

Questions to ponder this weekend:

Will my halloween October 25th costume look good under the black light at Peeps?

Is going as a sexy Ruth Bader Ginsburg bad taste?

If someone smashes all the mirrors in Mather and someone else urinates on Hanna, Leonard, and Old K, how many cigarettes will I be able to bum this weekend?

Why did Harry name his son after a man who tortured, bullied, mocked, and ridiculed him throughout his most formative years? Also let it be clear that the only justification for this torment was “I can’t explain it, I just always wanted to bang your dead mom and you look like the guy who foiled my plans”. If Severus Snape is the bravest man Harry Potter ever knew the wizarding world is full of cowards.

Now that we all have somethings to think about let’s hear about the haps…


  • Walmart/Goodwill to find something for Peeps, Coshocton Avenue
  • Sunset Press’s Fall Soirée, 7pm, The Ganter
  • Shocktober Fest, 7-11pm, Peirce Pub
  • Peeps Halloween, 11pm, Peep’s Lounge Old K


  • Removing the glitter from your body post-peeps, Your shower
  • “The Happening” Artists, Bands, Fun, 11am-4pm, Hardcourt Parish Lawn or Rain Site: The Horn
  • Eco Oktober Fest, 5:30-7:30pm, NCA 16
  • Diwali Dinner, 6pm, Gund Commons
  • NCA 220 does Tiny Desk, Probably around 10 (?), NCA 220


  • Social Board Pumpkin Painting, 1pm-3pm, The Horn
  • Your goddamn seminar reading, 12pm-until you give up, Mod b/Hell

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