The Kenyon College Magic Tree House Series: Follow The Adventures of Two Students on an Acid Trip Who Think They’re Traveling Through Time

91JmRQ7Pq6LSam ’21 and Julia ’20 are just two regular Kenyon kids, but when they take a tab of acid and discover a tree house in the BFEC, something magical happens…

This series follows the adventures of Sam and Julia, two children who are magically transported to historical Kenyon settings through the use of a mysterious tree house and psychedelic drugs. Enlisted to help Philander Chase — a powerful enchantress — they set out to learn about historic Kenyon and solve age old puzzles such as: Are my shits liquid because of Peirce coffee or anxiety? Should I dye my hair or just buy some blue eyeliner? Do I have to live in Brooklyn Post-Grad?

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#1 Dali Chicken Before DarkIn the first book of The Kenyon College Magic Tree House series, Sam and Julia find a tree house in the BFEC and, using the magic books and drugs inside, travel through time and space to the international station in Peirce. There, they wait in line for Dali Chicken as the sky darkens through the windows. Will they get their food before the white rice is switched to brown?

#2 Piss in the Shadows of The GanterSam and Julia are transported to Space Bass and find their bladders full of beer. They smoke a j, take a selfie in the girl’s bathroom, and creep off into the darkness to pee. There, they meet a the ghost of an AD brother who tells them what’s inside the lodge.

#3 Manure Odor on a Monday: Transported to a long ago Monday, Sam and Julia find themselves overwhelmed by a poopy smell on the wind. They must discover if it is Mod B’s septic tank or a local farm.

Other stories in the series include:

  •  Blundstones Before Breakfast
  • The Amish at Walmart
  •  Peak Peirce Hours Past Noon
  • Excellent Day for The Excavation of New Apt E Block
  • Reggae at Rosse
  • Dphis at Daybreak
  • Seminar at Sundown
  • Tornado Siren Test at 12pm on the First and Third Friday of the Month
  • Mojitos at Chilitos
  • Semester of the Sexile
  • Non-Thetas at Thirsty Thursdays
  • Stress Cigs on a Sunday

The Kenyon College Magic Tree House series is a fun, educational chapter book for early readers. The books are a light weight, paperback that can easily fit in the back pocket of your oversized pants as a prop that says “I’m literate.”

Parents of English majors rave,

“This series spurred our little Annie’s love for adventure and an in depth knowledge of bygone Kenyon threesomes.” 

“Perfect for an early reader with queries about the origins of Mongolian Stir Fry on Saturdays.”

“Sam and Julia’s escapades in the tree house helped Ben become a comfortable reader and gave him an excitement for all things olden day Kenyon. We loved seeing him gain knowledge about the of pre-rice cooker era in the servery. Would recommend for a child with dyslexia.”

Full series can be purchased at the old bookstore.

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