It’s that time of year when mischief is afoot and the fake blood is flowing. Impress the Kenyon ghosts and suit up in your Halloween best because there ain’t no rules when it comes to gettin’ spooky. Here at The Thrill we want to honor your creative, Halloween ambitions so enter The Thrill’s costume contest and show us the best you got!

The Thrill is known for our high-quality sense of fashion and Halloween expertise, so if you think you can impress us then submit a picture of your costume to thekenyonthrill@kenyon.edu by the end of November 6th and you will have the opportunity to win a $15 gift card to the Village Inn! Costumes need not be Kenyon-oriented, just worthy of our review.

Please include your name, your year, and your costume’s name along with your photo submission.

Please know that we only have one gift card to award to the first-place winner, so keep that in mind if you submit a group costume! We will announce the winner and a couple of honorary runner-ups on the blog within several days of the deadline. We will contact the first place winner via email so we can find the best way to award them the big prize!


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