First Years React: First Halloweekend

For the second year in a row, we were fortunate enough to have two Halloweekends, which means anywhere from two to seven opportunities to celebrate this spooky time. But, I mean is next weekend even a Halloweekend? Feels more like Mamma Miaweekend to me, but that’s probably because we celebrated too early. PEEPS Halloween kicked off spook week, so we asked our new first-year writers to reflect on their first Kenyon Halloween.

“My first Kenyon Halloweekend was full of small victories. Not only did I find the Old K bathroom after 35 minutes of searching, but I successfully made brief-yet-meaningful eye contact with all four members of the Millennial Pinks. Definitely one for the books.” — Zoe Appelbaum

“I told everyone I was dressed up as Britney Spears but kind of just wore normal clothes. I said it was because I was saving all my costume idea energy for next week. If we’re being honest, I’m probably going to do the same thing next weekend. Look, it’s not that I’m not festive, I just don’t have the space in my brain to come up with some elusive movie character or cultural icon to dress like. Please don’t call me ‘uncreative’ or tell me ‘that is a cop out’. Just trying to vibe.” — Sydney Fallon

“My Halloweekend began with feelings of great wonder. This wasn’t connected to anything particularly creepy, spooky, or otherwise in the Halloween spirit—I was simply awestruck by the creativity of Kenyon students when it came to centering a costume around a Walmart wig. After this initial shock, I spent about 70% of my weekend watching Arrested Development in my dorm room with my LED lights on the orange setting. Festive.” — Sydney Schulman

“I thought it was too early! It should have been next week! But I got to wear my glow-in-the-dark Halloween dress, which was fun. Anyway, I think I’m more excited for actual Halloween on Thursday than I was for Halloweekend.” — Molly McLaughlin

“This Halloweekend was my first encounter with the horror that is the floor of a Ganter party. There is no amount of dim lighting that could hide the standing water of mud, beer, sweat, and other substances that I ill-advisedly dance battled in. Obviously, I lost, but if Halloweekend is about anything, it’s about shooting your shot. If I want Halloweekend to go on forever, which apparently we do (was it this weekend? Is it next weekend? Can it be both?), I know where I can reliably be spooked.” — Theresa Carr


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