Kenyon Word Associations

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We at Kenyon College pride ourselves on our words. We’ve got so gosh-darn many of them. And that makes sense, being a liberal arts institution after all. So, I decided to put Kenyon’s words to the test, with a simple game of word association related to our dear sweet college.

Some brave students agreed to participate in my experiment, and their responses provided the justification for Kenyon’s title of “The #1 School For Words And Their Corollary Products, Sentences, In Central Ohio”* Here are some of my very favorites.

*Disclaimer: No one has said this, or indeed ever should.








“Uh.. Mox”





“Fuck off”

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to say the word.” [“Construction?”] “No, shit”








*disgusted sigh*


“Pesty. No… Pestering”




“Bitch” [“What?”] “Don’t ask questions”





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