Peirce Date: 2 Peirce 2 Date


We’ve seen your comments, we’ve heard your cries, and now it’s time for—you guessed it—the return of Peirce Dates. In this classic Thrill feature, we set up two complete strangers on a blind date in Peirce to prove that love can be found among even the blandest of vaguely-Asian noodle bowls. Join us and watch as romance, or at least new friendship, blooms.

The Participants: Stephanie Jordan ‘20 and Sam Brodsky ‘21

Stephanie, an official Friend of the Blog, has been on the top of our waiting list for many moons, so it was only fair that we paired her off for the first Peirce Date of the year. When Sam volunteered himself, he described his ideal date as: “a hot, emo girlfriend to join me in this journey we call life.” While Stephanie maybe skews a little too Disney to fit the Billie Eilish mold, we still thought they’d make a perfect pair. S and S! What could go wrong?

The Set Up: I’ll admit it, I’m pretty proud of this one. We had wine glasses. We had tea lights (unlit). We had a hand-carved wooden duck from Indonesia. Hell, we even had a poorly hung Kokes banner swaying overhead that emitted some weird, yet welcome, sexual vibes throughout the date. Overall, proof that the southern housewife lessons I learned in my all-girls high school’s “Art of Living Graciously” class still live rent-free in my brain.


Editor-in-Chief Colleen Kemp ’20 (me) ready to spy on the date, and Executive Editor Jane Zisman ’20 already providing much-needed moral support

The Date: After a frantic 20 minutes spent trying to track down the man of the hour (yes, Sam, this is a callout), both Stephanie and Sam were settled down and ready to dine. One of our lovely Executive Editors, Lillian Fox Peckos ’20, acted as hostess for the night, starting off the dinner with a selection of Peirce tapas (can you tell we studied abroad in Spain?) and The Thrill‘s signature cocktail, Ocean Breeze.* For the main course, they both ordered the Quinoa-Stuffed Pepper with potatoes à la mashed. If I had to divine what this meal meant, I’d guess that both felt like they had something to prove, but really just wanted the comfort of a home-cooked date. C’est la vie.

*Fully just blue Powerade and soda water, but garnished with a cucumber slice to class it up. 



The Twist: Midway through the date, we enlisted Staff Writer and flutist Keiran Lorentzen ’22 to entertain the lovebirds with a stirring rendition of the 1953 hit “That’s Amore.” Neither they nor the rest of Peirce had any idea that they’d be witnessing such a sweet solo, but the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. Both agreed it was definitely a highlight of the date. “Like, 10 times better than Pep Band,” chimed in a random bystander. Their words, not ours!

The Ending: After a quick post-flute dessert, the pair decided to go their separate ways, but not before giving us their honest reactions to the date:

Stephanie: “It was so fun! Sam was sweet and I can for sure see us smiling and waving on Middle Path. Definitely some eye contact. The overall experience was incredible—better than any date spot in Gambier—from the live music to the table service. Was it a potential love match? Who’s to say. What I did love was the house drink, that sweet, sweet Ocean Breeze. It was a spectacular evening and I would totally recommend a Peirce Date to a friend. If this dinner was an emoji, it would be the blushing smiley face.” 

Sam: “I’d never seen Stephanie on campus before, so it was cool to meet someone from a different major and have lots of good conversation. The food was generally good—the peppers could have been warmer, but the cucumber slice on the cocktail really made up for it. The service was amazing and I would tip Lillian at least 25%. What a gem. Oh, and the flute was definitely a high point. This was my first blind date and I’d give it an easy 10/10. Highly recommend!” 

Have a friend in need of a little forced romance? Want to go on a Peirce Date yourself? Email us at for the chance to fall in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, then all at once while sitting at a New Side square. We’ll be waiting ;)

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