10 o’clock list: Kenyon Excuses to Leave a Party

You know what? He just left.

You know what? He just left.

So it happened again– you forgot you are the person who you are and went to a party you should not be at. Thankfully, as a fellow party-going regretted, I’ve hand-crafted some watertight excuses for quickly exiting via the nearest window. 

  1. My cat is so crossfaded right now and I have to go take care of her, I’m sorry!
  2. I’m so sorry, but the Looking for Alaska series just dropped on Hulu. Goodbye.
  3. Oh shoot, I have a 30 minute shift at the library. Gotta make $4 and 26 cents. 
  4. I hate this and I don’t want to be here.
  5. The Millenial Pinks are playing and I’m never going to get a chance to see them again!!!! Until next weekend!!!
  6. I left my phone in the Bell Tower of the Holy Spirit because you know me, I’m out too late, pealin’. 
  7. Just leave the party without making a fuss because you’re an adult, dammit.

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