The Doctor Is In: You’re Screwed

For when your emotions are, like, so valid, but not valid enough for actual counseling services, check out these hot tips from Gambier’s best and only (emphasis on only) official mental health provider. Now take your medicine that isn’t actual medicine because that would require student access to a certified psychiatrist!parody health center card pic

Co-written by Colleen Kemp ’20 and Sarah Hoffmann ’20

On a serious note, please feel to reach out to the Peer Counselors at or DM them on Instagram (@kenyon_pc). You can also call ProtoCall, a de-escalation, crisis hotline that any Kenyon student can call, at any time, to be connected with a professional clinician trained in mental health. How to reach: call Campus Safety (740) 427-5555 and ask to speak to the counselor on call.

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