Where’s It At w/ LFP + JZ

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Hey! Hey! Where’s it at?!

THIS WEEKEND??? This Halloweekend?

Enjoy some old fashion, non-video content to find out where it’s at this weekend because reading is better for you than TV.

Okay, so no one has confirmed or denied whether it is Halloween this weekend as Mamma Mia seems to be gettin’ all the hype, which is cool, but also not very spooky. Are we all spooked out? Is Ween over? I guess celebrating the disco pop of our favorite Scandinavian group is appropriate to raise our spirits during the pre-Thanksgiving doom and gloom. Go ABBA!

Anyways, here is some of where it’s at this weekend…


  • Reading the Collegiate in Peirce, Peirce
  • Jazz Ensemble Fall Concert @ 8 PM, Rosse Hall
  • Annie Blackman’s Milk, @ does she even read this prestigious publication anymore?!
  • DPhi’s thought about Halloween but decided not to, Dphi lounge last year


  • Mamma Mia @ 10 PM, Rosse Hall
  • Schewy w/ Mile$ @ 9:30 PM, Horn Gallery

ALSO, submit to The Thrill’s Halloween Contest by the end of Nov. 6 and for the chance to win a special prize!! thekenyonthrill@kenyon.edu

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