Seniors React: Last Halloweekend


This past weekend, we gathered as ghouls, goblins, niche movie characters, and more for our final celebration of Halloween on this hill. Does Halloween exist like this outside this bubble? None of us can remember, but we sure as hell are about to find out! As the celebration of this spooky holiday has come to a close, we asked our senior writers to reflect upon their last ever college Halloweekend.

“I love Halloween so much, but I will admit that it’s harder put fake blood on your face and zone out when you have literal hundreds of pages of reading sitting untouched on your desk. I drank a Four Loko Gold and lost my wallet this weekend. I’m still young, I’ll never die.” — Sarah Hoffmann

“I’d say my final Kenyon Halloweekend was a roaring success. Friday was a blur of fake blood, Goodwill nightgowns, Moscow Mules, mystery purses left on trains, challah chats, accidental wingmen, dead sorority girls, and late night girl talk. So, basically, all that you could ask for from a Friday night. Saturday was chiller (I skipped out on Mamma Mia to watch The Exorcist), but still a satisfying conclusion to college spookiness. Although from what I saw online, somehow every single recent grad was celebrating the holiday in Chicago, so I guess Kenyon Halloweekends never really end.” — Colleen Kemp

“I’m too old and too tired for this shit.” — Jane Zisman

“This Halloween was definitely lowkey in a nice way. Since freshman year, the amount of pressure I’ve felt to stay places longer than I want to has declined like nobody’s business. So I happily went to PEEPs for 30 minutes and then happily left. The best part is dressing up with friends. Not sure what post-grad Halloween will look like, but I guess it doesn’t matter that much anyway. Candy makes me feel sick and I hate taking off face paint. Whatever happens happens. Love Halloween though. And Kenyon. So…” — Annie Blackman

“Well this the first Halloween where I liked my costumes for the most part, which must be indicative of my creative growth over that past few years. That being said, I’m always blown away by my friends’ costuming and crafting skills, leaving me feeling pretty inadequate. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary happened, and I am grateful I won’t have to do two weekends of this, hopefully.” — Lillian Fox Peckos

“Considering that at exactly this time last year, I had severe alcohol poisoning in a foreign country with a crumbling infrastructure, I’d say that this year’s festivities were definitely an improvement (but not by much). These past two weekends were a bittersweet reminder of how quickly time can pass, and the importance of holding on to the precious memories I’m making, but mostly just that jello shots are a force to be reckoned with. Both my poor liver and I were pretty thrown off by the fact that I had to celebrate the ’ween two times. After this year, I’ve become convinced that the double-Halloweekend phenomena really is “capitalism’s secret weapon”. Or rather, that’s what I would’ve said if I had taken one (1) Sociology class in my freshman year and didn’t know how to just enjoy myself and eat some goddamn candy and shut up! Anyways! As I reflect back on my time here at Kenyon, I think about the one thing I’ll miss most about celebrating Halloween here. Is it having fun with friends, you ask? No, kind reader. It’s something much better: the crusty, bloody, jumbo tampon laying in the dirt about 50 feet from my NCA. Stay spooky, y’all.” — Jane Griffin

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