Spice Up Your Kenyon Fall Instagram Feed

Who doesn’t love seeing the changing of the leaves, the golden glow soaking the buildings, and the pumpkins that haven’t been smashed (yet) outside of dorms? Fall in Gambier is beautiful, and boy oh boy do people love to post about it. It can be tough to compete with the seventeen different posts of what you could swear is the same exact photo (right down to the scarf and the coffee cup in hand) with a different girl’s face every time. Never fear, thots (happy thotumn)! I have crafted a few sample posts for you to steal so that you can finally be the social media mogul you were always destined to be. I hope these images inspire a new, refreshing take on Kenyon Instagram.

A post like this is truly original because a) the glorious evergreen will remain relevant through all seasons, NOT just fall, and b) This tree is, to the highest degree, literally just vibing, so everyone will think you are cool for posting it. Caption idea: bummed a cig off the new guy, he’s actually very cool.

ENOUGH of the Moxie backpack pictures!! Better trend: photos of Moxie’s asshole as you chase after him with your slimy hands reaching out to fling him onto your friend’s back. Caption idea: Moxie got CAKE????? PUMPKIN CAKE??? (because it is fall)

BOO! Pumpkin picking? No good, unoriginal, and tacky. Three day old jack-o-lantern who has clearly spit in God’s face and prepared himself to rule Hell? Yes please!! Caption idea: Spotted a little friend outside the dorm! (Think he might be whispering to me, someone please help). This campus is beautiful, I love fall (he’s dragging me into the depths anyone please save me)!

I have concluded my series of sample posts. Use your Instagram to draw attention to the importance of female menstrual products, and to include them in the conversation. Caption idea: More of this, please! #fallingforfallintofall


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