Where’s It At? w/ LFP + JZ

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 2.48.53 PM.png

Hey! Hey! Where’s it at?!


Okay, enjoy some MORE old fashioned, non-video content to find out where it’s at this weekend because reading is better for you than TV.

We, LFP+JZ, stand by the statement above and intend to bring you some hot, new wave media content ASAP, but we are both just really busy right now with, like, real responsibilities. We promise to dictate your weekend plans via video within the near future. Okay, we cool??

Anyways, here is where it’s at this weekend…


  • Sisterhood presents Circle of Voices @ 5PM, Gund Commons Ballroom
  • Free Basement & Columbiana @ 9:30PM, Horn Gallery
  • Bottle Fly @ 8PM, Hill Theater (Saturday too!)
  • An Evening with T.C. Boyle @ 8PM, Brandi Recital Hall


  • Senior Soireé @ 8PM, Peirce, puddle of alcohol that is New Side
  • Valipala @ 9PM, Horn Gallery
  • Sociology Senior Capstone Presentations @ 1-5PM, Hayes 109 (Sunday too!)


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