Seniors React: Senior Soirée

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After years and years of anticipation, the night of Senior Soirée has come and gone. We gathered in formal wear, indulged in dance and drank, and some of us may have taken a tumble. By the end of the night, we had all truly relished in our fleeting youth, thanks to Kenyon for supplying the free booze! We asked some of our senior writers to reflect on this bacchanalian evening.

“I had my comps the morning after Soirée which seemed like a sick joke, but honestly the pyrotechnics, the free drank, and Shakira’s “Waka Waka” restored my faith in the fact that I’m still in my youth and I can live young, wild, and free. However, my main take away from Soirée was: Never underestimate the power of a slick, slick alcohol-ridden New Side floor because she will take down as many drunken victims as possible. If you fell on your face during Soirée, I’m sorry but also, I’m glad I’m not you.”

“Why did no one talk about the dumplings?”

“I’ve been looking forward to Soirée since my first year, when some seniors I know (yeah, I was cool) said Soirée was lame as shit. In practice? It was weird. I saw a lot of people I didn’t recognize, a lot of people I’m pretty sure I haven’t spoken to since orientation four years ago, and strong middle school dance energy (including but not limited to when the DJ played “Don’t Stop Believing” and I danced like I was a twelve year old Gleek all over again). Ended the night by throwing up on my new shoes, which was not my finest hour, but I got to have my first ever(!) mac and cheese bite. Good night!”

“I was expecting this to be like one big drunk version of high school prom and while it distinguished itself in some ways—the general lack of nuns being the main difference—in the end it was totally just a school dance with wine. But, oh, how that wine did flow. I never got the chance to try some of the AVI apps, which I feel like was a mistake, but I took full advantage of everything else New Side had to offer. I’m sure old Philander Chase was rolling in his grave at 1) the unrivaled debauchery taking place on his chosen hill and 2) women? And they’ve been here for 50 years? Overall, a night to rival all nights, especially because the 8 p.m. start meant I was able to have my fun and still be tucked into bed by an early 1 a.m.”

“Watched a few people slip and eat sh*t. Incredible dancing. Everyone looked so hot.  Love my friends. Kenyon is so goofy, youth is fleeting, and I love myself in a suit.”


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