The Monday Catchup

Good lord. This weekend. It didn’t really break ME, but it surely broke some of my friends. The play I was stage managing went up this weekend (burtle flur by jacky silvertoe) and that was CRAZY. If any of you saw two lanky sophomores carrying pitchers of yellow liquid through the servery last week, those were my assistants stocking up for our stage beer. Turns out green tea is a very convincing substitute for beer, as proven by all the LOOKS they got during dinner rush. Closing a show always has its own sort of ~catharsis~ but OH BOY did that catharsis take a turn Saturday night post-cast-party (classic theatre kid bullshit, sorry, but also not sorry at all). Now let’s keep in mind that Senior Soiree was occurring at the same time that night. But I guarantee that the belligerent little boy I was supervising went unparalleled to any senior drunk off the school’s dime. But do not fret, he got tucked into bed at the end of the night, perfectly safe, albeit near tears about how beautiful Catcher in the Rye is. That was basically my whole weekend, but here’s my high/low/buffalo anyway:

My Weekend:

  • High: watching an entire NCA scream in joy when a Green Day song came on
  • Low: above mentioned boy musing about Joe Biden while vomiting
  • Buffalo: got this text from my friend at 1 AM– “I have the hiccups love u tho”

Direct Quotes from The Weekend of The People:

“Guys it’s only 11:30, let’s go get snow cones!”

“I know Breaking Bad is not up everyone’s alley because of the meth, but Bryan Cranston is just so good.”

~~A Look Ahead~~

What: Matt Grisham, Comedy Hypnotist

  • ??!!!!?!

When: Wed. Nov. 13th @ 8 PM

Where: Ro$$e “Built, Burned, Rebuilt” Hall

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