The Monday Catchup

As I sat down to write this week’s catchup, I thought to myself, “oof this is gonna be tough, nothing really happened this weekend.” But, as I really reflected, I remembered more and more of the events from the past few days, and realized how perfect it all is. I’d describe the weekend as a collage. Or maybe a tapestry of life at Kenyon. An amalgamation of social spheres— a true microcosm of Kenyon’s student culture. Not only was there original musical theater happening in an art gallery, but there was an a cappella concert both nights, some Greek life cult events, AND some sort of sporting excitement that warranted hordes of loud drunk people around Hanna Hall at 10:30 in the morning. And finally, I’ll expose myself, with as little shame as possible, and say that I attended a murder mystery party and I didn’t hate it. THIS is the Liberal Arts. At Kenyon YOU WILL, GODDAMMIT. 

My Weekend:

  • High: Three of my friends and I did some of the New York Times’ 36 Questions That Lead to Love in the corner of the AD bullseye underneath some Kraft Singles stuck to the ceiling
  • Low: I read a play that made me cry so hard that I missed my last class on Friday
  • Buffalo: Second weekend in a row where Green Day was what got the people going at an NCA party

What The People have to say:

“I went to a murder mystery party this weekend— actually that’s a lie. I organized and hosted a murder mystery party this weekend.”

“The Broken Legs blew me away.”

“I did nothing this weekend except for drink more than I said I would and watch TikToks.”

~~A Look Ahead~~

What: Transmitting Trio A: A Lecture-Performance

  • “a fine example of a ‘task-oriented’ aesthetic”
  • dancing! in a gallery!

When: Tuesday, November 19th 11:10-12

Where: Buchwald-Wright Gallery in Gund Gallery

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