THRILL-y on the Street: Keny-ecticut

Do Kenyon students know how to spell Connecticut? This week, I set out with my fellow Nutmegger– also named Molly– to find out.

Molly and I weren’t able to accost as many people as we wanted to due to the cold weather, nor could we do so in the same frantic manner as Mr. Billy Eichner. I mean, what’d you expect, this isn’t Manhattan. Surprisingly, two teenage girls under 5’6″ don’t seem to pull the same manic weight as the 6’3″ in-your-face game show host we know and fear. Besides, our hypothesis was wrong: Kenyon students CAN spell Connecticut. For the most part. Either that or they had to go to class, so we can conclude that Kenyon students are, in fact, smart: we can either spell Connecticut, or we have to go to class. And isn’t that the point of a liberal arts education?

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