First Years Take On Peircegiving

The Thrill‘s intrepid new journalists take on the annual Peircegiving feast for the very first time.

5:20 PM: The 100% cloud cover and the 25 mph wind gusts as I walk to Peirce give a sense of foreboding to the storm that awaits in the dining hall. — Molly McLaughlin

5:28 PM: In line! It’s not as long as I was told it would be! Based on past accounts, I thought if I didn’t arrive before 4:45 it would be chaos unfit for my 5’5” lanky frame. Peirce Myth BUSTED. — Molly

5:32 PM: Between the leftover flu shot privacy covers and the sounds of joy, I don’t recognize Peirce anymore. — Theresa Carr

5:40 PM: I like cherry pie but am embarrassed about it since it is not a popular pie flavor and it looks gross. I take 1000 years to try and get a piece and immediately almost drop it. – Sydney Fallon

5:45 PM: I waited in line for Thanksgiving food and it was incredibly pleasant and efficient—also, quicker than almost any line I’ve been in during Peircetaking (non-Peircegiving). — Theresa

6:00 PM: Band plays No Diggity and it’s incredibly sexy. — Sydney

6:03 PM: My friends and I realize that by sitting in Peirce pub, we accidentally intruded on a closed ODEI event. Thank god our raffle numbers didn’t get called. — Theresa

6:45 PM: I ask the band to sign a piece of notebook paper for The Thrill and they say “Man, we just can’t stop playin’” — Zoë Appelbaum

7:15 PM: Numbers are dwindling in the ADR. What was once a room filled probably past fire code standards now contains three separate groups. My friends and I debate Heat Miser vs. Snow Miser from the 1974 classic Christmas film The Year Without A Santa Claus—now that we’ve eaten our delicious meals and given much Peirce (many Peirces?), we can move on to Christmas. — Molly

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