10 O’Clock List: Inventive Things to Keep You Warm Walking to Class

Skipping class because it is too cold is not an option! Winter is upon us and this is a walking campus, so it’s time to get creative and seek out new sources of warmth for that long walk down middle path.

  1. Ideal warm outfit: scarf on top of blazer over flannel over sweatshirt with iron on design over turtleneck. Top it all off with a classic Carhartt beanie and you’re ready to take on winter!
  2. Watch Crash Course videos on the way to class as chicken soup for the soul! The warmth that arises in your heart will spread throughout your body.
  3. Use Moxie as a living scarf.
  4. Put your gloves in the panini press at Peirce so they are nice and warm for the walk back.
  5. Grow your hair long enough to wrap around your entire body and become your own coat!
  6. When your wealthy hall neighbor Brent leaves for his ski trip to the Aspens for break, make your way over to his luggage and steal his hand warmers.
  7. Look at pictures of warm places to remember and imagine what it’s like to be warm
  8. If you’re from somewhere cold, remember that everyone at home probably has it worse and laugh in spiteful glee!
  9. Not a tip about staying warm, but invest in knee pads and elbow pads in case of slipping on the ice.
  10. Put Peirce soup in a plastic bag and strap said bag to your frigid chest for core heat.


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