Kenyon Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives: Gambier Deli

Hey everyone, Guy Fieri here. Yes, I’m coming at ya from the great village of Gambier, Ohio. This is definitely REALLY me, and not a first-year Thrill writer who watched an alarming amount of Guy’s Grocery Games for “artistic research” and attempts to “get my voice right.”

Again, just to make sure we’re all on the same page, it’s really me. Yup. Guy Fieri. And we’re rolling out. Searching for rural Ohio’s greatest diners, drive-ins, and dives. This trip, we’re going from brunch to burritos to burgers as we explore the tastiest traditional treats Kenyon College has to offer.

My first stop was breakfast at the deli. I ordered the Mickey Eggs, because it is a breakfast motto of mine to start the day by with something tasty and cheesy that also has the potential to explode and drip down my arms and chin. It’s kind of the most important part of the most important meal of the day.

After that, I was craving a muffin, and was shocked to find that you guys GRILL your muffins here??? It’s never something I would have expected or chosen myself. In fact, the grill is definitely more in the territory of my dear colleague and friend Bobby Flay. But this shit was pure dynamite. Truly the real deal, and I thoroughly enjoyed.

I know that in reality I am in Gambier, Ohio. But I can’t help but think that maybe I touched down in the heart of Flavortown.

I’ll catch you at Chilitos for lunch, right after the break. Stay flavorful.

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