Thrill Seniors Reminisce: Pipe Cats, Mitski, Jon Hamm and Other Things

Concert poster

The year was 2016, the Zika virus was afoot, Ryan Lochte lied about being robbed at gunpoint at the Rio Olympics, Kim Kardashian was actually robbed at gunpoint in Paris, and the class of 2020 settled into life at Kenyon. It may have only been around 4 years ago, but life was different and the time is ripe for us to lotion up our liver spots, pop in our orthopedic shoes, and chomp down on our dentures, as we reminisce about back in the day…

Here are some things that only those who lived at Kenyon during the 2016-2017 academic year may remember:

  1. Lack of middle path for at least the first 2 months of school and they weren’t even paving it…
  2. Pipe Cats: you may remember using the feral beings who dwelled in the drain pipe by Mather as an orientation conversation starter, halloween costume, or “friends for now” group activity (i.e. “do you wanna go see the pipe cats?”)
  3. No rice cookers
  4. All Access K-Card policy: The “hey, can you let me in?” text was not a thing, you just entered.
  5. Boil alertsScreen Shot 2019-12-18 at 1.34.11 PM
  6. Bring Back the Jacket
  7. Port: The last vestiges of off-campus housing held on as best they could in the years 2016-2017. Notably, on the last night of the year Kenyon students could be seen parading down Gaskin Avenue in order to tend to a bon fire, jump on a trampoline and mosh in the basement of the now defunct Port.
  8. Bad soft serve ice cream
  9. His Campus (Not to be confused with its resurgence campaign, Campus Constitutional, created in the academic year 2017-2018)
  10. Motown/Music at the VI
  11. Harvey Trisdale
  12. Divest Kenyon protestors covered in oil on the seal in Peirce
  13. Mitski at the Horn: Mitski’s solo show consisted of Oberlin kids sobbing uncontrollably in the crowd and Mitski personally calling us out for being obnoxious, drunk assholes
  14. Earl sweatshirt, Jon Hamm, Princess Nokia, and Lena Dunham all bailed on us Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 1.31.42 PM
  15. Fools shows in Philo
  16. Alissa Cravens tabling for the Hillary campaignScreen Shot 2019-12-18 at 1.37.25 PM
  17. Tim Kaine came but did not play his harmonica or become the vice president
  18. Lance Bass came to campaign for Hillary and posed by Timberlake House because NSYNC is a brotherhoodscreen-shot-2016-09-27-at-5-02-12-pm
  19. Orange is the New Black came to campaign for HillaryIMG_0828
  20. Shock Your Mom
  21. That time Peirce served fried chicken sushi
  22. Upperclass counselors (UCCs): Orientation leaders who???
  23. The old market
  24. Farr Hall as a functional building you could live in
  25. *Sophomore Year Bonus: The Good Samaritan

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