10 o’clock List: Rejected Kenyon Acapella Groups

p01gvq1v.jpgKenyon Acapella: replacing Kenyon Greek Life since 1824. Although you might think you can never get enough of someone singing some doo-wop-y ballad on a Saturday night, making you feel ready to truly risk it all, not everyone would agree. Here’s a list of the acapella groups that just didn’t make the cut: 

1. A Rex Orange County Tribute Band. Loving is easy/You had me fucked up: lyrical genius.

2. If Looks Could Thrill. Screamo versions of the four traditional Kenyon Songs. Need I say more? 

3. The Mucus Membranes. Ten First-Years beatboxing using only the phlegm in their throats (courtesy of the Kenyon Krud).


4.  The Unemployed Boys. Using bottled screams of Seniors preparing for comps, this group really knows what the hell it means to use that Liberal Arts Creativity we all know and love. Is this a cry for help? The world may never know.


5. Rabies Babies (f.k.a Measles Weasels). What better way to get involved on campus than to recruit some of the most beloved members of the community: the Kenyon Racoons! Pop music and the plague? Sign me up!


Special shoutout to Alex Gilkey from the Collegian for this funky & hip art!!


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