Kenyon Doppelgangers: Rara ’21 and Abby ’23


C23AA610-7556-439A-902A-7DD9E5DC44C6Doppelgangers. We’ve seen them. We’ve been confused by them. I caught a pair and picked their brains about what life is like when you’ve got an on campus clone. 

Rara Gumbel ’21 and Abby Navin ’23 both have short red hair, bangs, and glasses. Abby’s a first-year, Rara’s a junior. They’ve been repeatedly mistaken for one another. Here’s what they had to say about it. 


When did you first discover you had a doppelganger? 

Abby: I first discovered I had a doppelganger at the activities fair during orientation when some guy was like “woaahhhh you look just like a girl named Rara.” From then on, I had people coming up to me once a day to say I look like Rara. 

Rara: Ben Nutter ‘21, texted me a photo of her in Peirce during orientation week when I was abroad. He wrote, “is this you?” It was not me. It was her. 

Has it changed your Kenyon experience? If so, how? 

Abby: I do think it has changed my Kenyon experience because I ended up meeting a lot of cool people that I otherwise wouldn’t have really met! Also, it made me way more excited for the second semester because I could finally become friends with Rara. 

Rara: We’ve become friends and it makes me feel so happy. And I kind of love the lore around it. 

Do you think you’d win in a fight with your doppelganger? 

Abby: Hmmm that’s a tough question, I think it might be a battle of endurance rather than strength because Rara and I are pretty evenly matched. But if this is a battle to the death then I might just throw an atomic bomb at her….sorry Rara. I just want to make sure I win. 

Rara: Yes. I have two years on her. Experience is strength. Though on second thought, I run out of breath walking upstairs and I’ve been encouraging all my friends NOT to exercise so maybe not. 



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