What’s Up With The Post Office Fallout Shelter?

IMG_2383If you’re anything like me, then you’ve definitely gone to the post office- not expecting anything to be there, but just for the satisfaction of opening up your PO box and feeling like an adult. I’ve made the shameful but oh-so-tempting empty-handed walk out of the post office many a time. Naturally, spending so much time there, I’ve noticed some odd things about the building.

The Bishop Philander Chase is featured prominently on horseback in the mural overlooking the main entrance. He is depicted surveying the scene where the village of Gambier would be founded. According to “Historical Knox County,” the mural was painted in 1943, shortly after construction was finished.

However, the thing that has drawn my attention the most, that calls to me like a siren, has been the yellow sign over the back door that reads “fallout shelter.” I have always been curious about the sign, is it a joke? If it’s real, why haven’t we been told about it? In the event of nuclear annihilation, are we allowed in? With my interest piqued, I decided I would finally ask.

The post office staff were incredibly nice about it. They revealed that, yes, there is indeed a fallout shelter in the basement! Unfortunately I couldn’t go take a look at it because that would be a “federal crime,” but I am pleased with the knowledge that it is there. It has haunted me for longer than I care to admit, but now I have closure.

So, if you hear the air raid sirens going off, rest assured! Hit up the Gambier, OH post office for a little bit of salvation from the nuclear winter.

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