The Monday Catchup

Another week has gone by already? It’s almost hard to believe. For me, the past week has faded into a blur of reading about political theory, meticulously creating Spotify playlists that only I will ever listen to, and lying on the floor. My failing memory, in this sense, doesn’t put me in the best position to catch you all up. But never fear! I have enlisted some of my friends to share a highlight of their week.

You and me are going to live vicariously through their experiences, and it’ll be like we’re going through last week all over again! So if it slipped your mind like it slipped mine, you’re in luck.

Here are the most memorable parts of some of my friends’ weeks:

“In class, we were talking with my history professor about historical figures and how ugly John C. Calhoun was. And my professor said, ‘Yeah. I go through these archives, and never find anyone hot. There was like one poet, and that’s it.'”

“I watched my boyfriend make an english muffin, put a ton of butter on it, and then carry it downstairs without a plate while a trail of melted butter fell behind him.”

“There was a Google commercial about an elderly couple during the Super Bowl that made my friend cry, and then I cried because she was crying, and then our other friend cried because I was crying.”

“Oh yeah. I cried at a hummus commercial. They just loved the humus so much.”

“I watched a girl at Peirce go to the vegetarian section, where they were serving a full dish, and ask for just a bowl of avocado.” (Author’s note: this is an incredibly powerful choice).

As we reflect on these memories and more, let’s all look forward to a great upcoming week. There might not be any monumental football games or hot historical figures in our near future, but here are some great things to check out:

Mesaros Visiting Lecturer: Alison Kearney. Tuesday @ 7 in Horvitz 220

The Ancient Law: A Cine-Concert, with Alicia Svigals and Donald Sosin. Tuesday @ 7:30 in Rosse Hall

Kenyon College Women’s Basketball vs The College of Wooster. Wednesday @ 7:00 in Tomsich Arena

Careers at the Intersection of the Environment and Social Justice. Thursday @ 11:10am in Leach Dining Room (Peirce Hall)

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