The Ice Bucket Challenge

In this second installation of my ongoing endeavor to complete different internet challenges from the 2010s, I decided to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. See how it went

On my quest to complete more internet challenges, I remembered the summer of 2014. The Ice Bucket Challenge was gaining popularity, and it was all the rage from July to August. Unfortunately, it started losing steam around September when people decided that getting doused with buckets of ice water was no longer convenient. But I’m here to remind everyone of this trend, regardless of the weather outside.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a trend where people would dump buckets of ice water over their heads in order to raise awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and encourage donations to research institutions. They would then nominate friends or family to participate in this challenge. I was not nominated. I did this by choice. It’s not indicative of a pattern of reckless behavior.

Big thanks to former Editors-in-Chief Sarah Hoffman, Colleen Kemp and Michael Audet.

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