The Monday Catchup

I don’t know if The Monday Catchup has ever had a theme in the past. Probably not because, like, why would it?

But Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I think this year I should be more celebratory than usual. And no, not because my annual men-are-garbage tweet has become low hanging fruit. I think I should lean into the fact that writing for a comedy blog is the most romantic thing I could do at Kenyon. And being in love can be fun, so why not embrace it!

So without further ado, here is my Valentine’s themed Monday Catchup. It’s the week in review– starring people and things I fell in love with for one day!

Monday: Last Monday, I fell in love with the unseasonably warm tease that Ohio weather gave us all. I sat outside on the freshman quad and read about transnational feminism while eating a box of mini croissants from Kroger. I thought to myself wow, this must be what it’s like to be abroad in Europe.

Tuesday: On Tuesday, I fell in love with my remaining Kroger mini croissants at 1 in the morning.

Wednesday: On Wednesday, I fell in love with the cute little icicles that were on every tree on campus. You know the ones.

Thursday: Never mind I’m really cold I would like to break up with the icicles.

Friday: On Friday, I fell in love with any person that tuned into my WKCO show. So it’s like, not clear if I fell in love that day at all.

Saturday: On Saturday, I fell in love with multi-colored LED lights. I don’t expect you to understand this love, but opposites attract.

Sunday: On Sunday, I felt lonely and cynical. I considered requesting Venmo money from everyone I’ve ever had a crush on this Valentine’s Day. And I haven’t stopped considering it since.

Regardless of who and what you fell in and out of love with last week and before, you can open your heart again to some of Kenyon’s upcoming events!

“50 Years of Women at Kenyon” with Caitlin Horrocks & Allison Joseph: Tuesday, 4:30pm @ Brandi Recital Hall.

Kenyon College Women’s Basketball v. Hiram College: Wednesday, 7:00pm @ Tomsich Arena.

Engaging in Internships with Ohio Health: Thursday, 11:10am @ Samuel Mather Hall.


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