Weekend Playlist: Songs That You Wouldn’t Believe They Play at Kenyon Basketball Games But They Actually Do

Kenyon Men’s Basketball has had a great season, and as it comes to a close I can’t help reflecting not only on the gameplay but the sweet music that fills Tomsich during any time out. Now, I’m not sure who’s on AUX at these things, but they are a bit of a deejaying prodigy. They have an unmatched gift of throwing on a playlist of songs that you wouldn’t believe make sense for a basketball game, and yet, there they are. There is no way I could be as masterful as whoever chooses these songs, but I’ll try my best to recreate this excellence in a Weekend Playlist.

  1. Shut Up and Dance – Walk the Moon Of course, it’s only fitting to play homage to a Kenyon band and their ridiculously overplayed legacy.
  2. Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars Please no.
  3. Take Me to Church – Hozier As everyone knows, division III basketball is a spiritual experience.
  4. Life’s a Happy Song (Remix) – The Muppets Playing a song from the Muppet movie alone would’ve been a trip. The dubstep undertones were enough to make me, and everyone in the stands, ascend to a higher plane of existence.
  5. Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars If this happens again I’m going to leave.
  6. Something by Bon Jovi – I think Livin’ On a Prayer. Or maybe You Give Love a Bad Name. But honestly could easily have been a mashup of both and more.
  7. Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars You’ve got to be kidding me.

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