Kenyon’s Sexiest Architecture: Ranked

At my interview to get into this school, when asked what I liked about the campus so far, my answer was “the buildings.” Maybe it’s a trivial matter or maybe I was just nervous, but you have to admit there’s nothing like walking into almost 200-year old buildings for class every day.

#7: Bexley Hall (pictured above). Kenyon’s former seminary, this citadel of north campus finished construction in 1843. I have been obsessed with Bexley since I first saw it. If I were in the housing department, I would turn it back into a residency for people who just want some damn peace and quiet. Quiet hours would begin at 9 on weeknights and 11 on weekends. No music without headphones. Candles allowed, to give it the thrilling authenticity of a 19th century seminary– will that taper candle fall over and set your French textbook aflame? Who knows!

#6: Gambier Post Office. This might be a surprising choice seeing as the Post Office isn’t one of our old, Gothic Revival-style buildings. But the 24/7 open lobby is so intriguing. Have you ever walked past the post office, lights blaring, late at night and wanted to just go inside? The interior of the post office also adds to its appeal. There’s just so much there. The mural of Philander Chase, the fallout shelter sign, the wood panelling, the inherent buzz of sending/receiving– all these features make the Gambier Post Office our second sexiest building.

#5: Samuel Mather Hall. I ordered new glasses a few weeks ago and self-prescribed the lenses. I got them in the mail last week, put them on, and walked to Smather for the Thrill’s spring bootcamp. Finally seeing the world in high definition for the first time in a few years, I couldn’t help but stare in admiration at the stones of Smather. I don’t wear my self-prescribed glasses much anymore, mostly because my current glasses are fine, but also because I think it would be too distracting to be able to see everything so clearly. I can’t gaze at every building on this campus before I go in! I’ll be late to class!

#4: Ransom Hall. I haven’t been in Ransom since my aforementioned interview, but I love those birds on the top (I pointed them out during my interview too. Maybe I got in here because my admissions officer thought I’d donate a building one day if I became rich from my classics degree?), and if I recall correctly, the room in which I waited for my interview had some lovely chandeliers and stained glass windows, automatically earning it a spot on this list.

#3: Lentz House. Lentz House’s sexiness derives from its heart. How is everyone in this building so nice? Lentz greets me and holds me in its wood-plastic composite exterior and that clean fragrance reminiscent of “nice hotel” but better. Just stepping foot inside makes me want to drop all my Latin books and become an English major. 

#2: First-Year Quad. Looks like it’s straight out of the movie Rushmore, which is favorite movie, so maybe I’m biased.

#1: Old Side, Peirce Dining Hall. Who are the people in all those portraits? Seems like another case for the Thrill to investigate.

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