Welcome Back to This Hellscape, Peers

Hello and welcome back! Seeing a lot of new faces in the crowd, lots of unfamiliar backgrounds. We’re happy to have you here.

We’re Reilly and Ellie, your Editors-in-Chief for this strange Zoom year. We’re both doing this job from our respective childhood homes, so we’re here to ask that you all, on and off campus, take this journey with us as we stumble through being in charge.

The Thrill has always been a space for Kenyon to make jokes about our odd home, and it is difficult to do so when we’re not there on New Side with you. But, we have full faith that even though our content will look a little different, it will have the same caliber of jest and quip that you have come to love from us.

We will be sending out a call for applications soon and all are welcome to apply– whether you’re a first year who is still at home or if you’re a senior who is deferring. All students, no matter where they are or their enrollment status, are invited to apply.

Anyway, we hope your first day wasn’t too awful and your mom didn’t walk in during your Shakespeare ice breaker.


Ellie and Reilly

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