The Monday Catchup 9/7/20

One week of classes down and our school hasn’t made national headlines yet! Huzzah. Personally, I’ve had a very fulfilling, very normal, very adequate first week of my senior year. What better way to commence the final stage of my 16 years of education than in bed without real pants on? I love academia.

If you’re new to the Monday Catchup, let me ~catch you up~ on how things roll here. Every week I’ll report on our weekend, as a community, at Kenyon College. I’ll give you my personal high, low, and buffalo, and even a selection of honest reviews from Real People on how THEIR weekends were. I’ll wrap up with a little glance at the week ahead, maybe alert you to one or two events happening both on campus and, of course, in the virtual sphere of our collegiate existence. You may ask, “but Jane, how are YOU fit to be catching us up on campus life when you’re not even on campus? Shouldn’t the catchup be done by, like, I don’t know, a REAL student?” to which I’d say, “hey man, screw you AND your sophomore-NCA!”

Anyway, here’s my weekend:

  • High: My mom made me food.
  • Low: I got behind on emails.
  • Buffalo: I had seminar on Sunday night.

woo. exciting first weekend for Jane!

How was your weekend?

“I got locked in a bathroom for an hour. People were drunk and tried to get me out with a frying pan. I screamed and pounded on the door for half an hour before anyone heard me. They thought I was a cat. We called the fire department. They told me to unlock the door. We went through a few strategies. I was going to climb out the window. But the ladder wasn’t high enough. So we unscrewed the doorknob. And that didn’t work. So we eventually had to wake up the landlord at 2 in the morning. And he pried it open with some tools or something. But now we have no doorknob.”

“It was fine, I guess.”

~~A Look Ahead~~

What: Kenyon Racial Justice Teach-In

When: Sep. 8 – 9

Where: Check here for the list of offerings


What: LGBTQ in Comedy: a Virtual Conversation & Comedy Event, hosted by Two Drink Minimum, OSE, and ODEI.

Who: Headliner Patti Harrison and Moderator Guy Branum

When: Sept. 10, 8 p.m.

Where: Zoom (pre-register here)

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