The Thrill Reacts: First Week of “School”

Starting school felt different this year. There was no lining up early for the JCPenny back-to-school sale. Because JCPenny went bankrupt. That was the only difference.

Here’s how we fared!


Ellie Melick:

  • I’m only taking three classes this semester but somehow I have class SIX days a week which I’m pretty sure is unconstitutional and I could probably sue. But I won’t, because I’m still grateful for my education even though we are definitely paying for services we are not receiving which is also unconstitutional
  • I do have first-years in one class which isn’t unconstitutional but it is weird

Jane Lindstrom:

  • I turned my camera off and brought class into the bathroom with me, felt like a rebel with a cause
  • One of my professors asked us to wear a black or navy top to class so we can all feel unified?? 

Jess Karan:

  • Turned off my camera in class to cry :) x2
  • Girls these days only know shitpost in the chat, be depressed, and lie
  • Sparkling water or Truly in my glass? The world may never know
  • I have class 6-8:30pm on Wednesdays so I’ve decided to hybridize lunch and dinner (dunch) for a more streamlined day
  • Mt housemate (history major) had to assure his professor in senior sem that he was not in fact in a bathroom
  • Is it inappropriate to type in all lowercase to professors in the chat? (For context: I’m queer)

Keiran Lorentzen:

  • I set my zoom background to a picture of new side and my heart rate went down

Piper Diers:

  • The awkward silence when a professor asks a question is genuinely unnerving
  • Lots of yearning for actual classrooms
  • I stare out the window half the time so not much has changed
  • My professors are doing their best to adapt and/or make things feel normal, and I appreciate that


Molly McLaughlin:

  • My upstairs neighbors gave us a bag of M&Ms to apologize for setting off the fire alarm and it was just so nice of them that I can’t even be mad when they drop things that sound like the ceiling will collapse 

Seth Lockwood:

  • Drank a few glasses of water :) Drank a bottle of Dasani :) 

Sydney Schulman:

  • Guilt and confusion walking through the NCAs and remembering it’s all just sophomores
  • My friends are all concerned about my Women Writers professor being a man. But I promise he’s cool
  • I don’t have any in person classes but I do like to revel in the fact that everyone’s little zoom square makes them look like The Brady Bunch theme song :)
  • Overall feeling like I’m sort of here but not, “edging” of the Kenyon experience if you will 
  • Keep subtly trying to place my pride flag in my zoom screen. I don’t think it’s ever been subtle
  • Pregamed going to bed

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