10 o’clock List: Excuses to Make for Your Privileged Experience of the Pandemic

WFH goals!

Obviously the pandemic has affected everyone. But it’s also affected some more than others. And when you’ve been more, let’s say, inconvenienced than totally devastated, it can get awkward!

Here are some things you can say to make yourself feel better when you realize you’re one of those rich people the New York Times keeps writing about. 

  1. No one in your family has gotten sick because you’re all careful: Not because everyone in your family has white-collar jobs they can do from home and you live in a spacious neighborhood where everyone has white-collar jobs they do from home and you never have to take public transportation and you’ve all received top-notch health care your entire lives and you don’t have medical conditions that disproportionately affect low-income families and people of color and increase the risk of a severe covid infection it’s JUST because you wear masks.
  2. Your uncle is a doctor, so you get it: Your uncle is a dermatologist and he doesn’t see Covid patients BUT fewer people are getting their moles checked and he’s worried about melanoma going undiagnosed.
  3. You pay really high taxes on your second home so actually you helped the local economy by staying there: Sheltering in your cramped Brooklyn brownstone wasn’t going to help anybody. It was better to decamp to your family’s beach house, and support the community with biweekly grocery hauls from Aldi.
  4. The rent on your Kenyon Hype House is the same as your parents would pay for room & board: Obviously that’s not counting utilities or groceries or household supplies or gas money or emergency repairs when you and your housemates inevitably break something, but your parents figured they’ll at least save on K-card money.
  5. You don’t HAVE to get a job, so part-time openings should go to people who really need them: And is making minimum wage at Walgreens really worth exposing yourself to the virus? (See #1)

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