Applying to the Thrill Made my Life Better… And Could Make Yours Better Too.

Calling all funny people!! How funny are you actually? Can you really be funny if you proclaim yourself as such? Now’s your chance to find out! Whether your on campus or not, apply to write for the Thrill and let the readers of Kenyon College’s finest news source decide your comedic fate once and for all.

Jokes aside for a minute, we know this is a strange time to be going to Kenyon. Many things have changed, but writing and making people laugh can be a consistent part of our otherwise unpredictable college life if you join our team.

Applications for new writers are out now, and regardless if you are on campus or remote we would love to hear from you.

If you are new around here, we post largely Kenyon-themed satirical content like these:

It Happened To Me: I Was in a Movie With Allison Janey

A Wiggin Street Music Analysis

We also have recurring segments! Including

Look At This Dog ,10 o’Clock Lists, and Quizzes

If this floats your boat, don’t be shy. Fill out our application here:

We love you! Stay safe and stay cool

– The Thrill

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