How to Look Hot on Zoom

The Easiest Makeup to Look Good in Zoom Calls for 2020

Virtual learn how you can be a virtual hottie! Here are some no-fail ways to look as hot as you can on Zoom.

  1. If you are in a class with me, don’t continue reading! Give up and just turn your camera off, because you can’t compete and you know it, babe! I’m the hottest one in your class now and forever!
  2. Join your class with your roommate after they just woke up so you look amazing by comparison.
  3. Use a FaceTuned image of yourself as your Zoom background and just act like your computer is frozen today.
  4. Use a filter but then: deny, deny, deny! REFUSE to admit that this isn’t what you look like every day.
  5. Hire a hotter doppelgänger to take your Zoom classes for you.
  6. Hide underneath the computer and make your background your favorite hot celebrity! Everyone will just think you started a new skincare routine in quarantine and that must be why you look like Randy Jackson now.

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