Playlist: What Did WKCO Automatically Play While No Student DJs were Present?

A lot of the Kenyon experience was unfortunately lost to COVID-19, including the wide array of student radio shows to tune into. The loss of a relatively seamless Phoebe Bridgers to Bon Iver to Led Zeppelin transition was undoubtedly hard to cope with. But this also begs the question, what did WKCO play while no student DJs were present?

Thanks to our investigative journalism skills and command of the airwaves, now you can find out.

Alewife by: Clairo

Impossible by: Clairo

Closer to You by: Clairo

North by: Clairo

Bags by: Clairo

Softly by: Clairo

Sofia by: Clairo

White Flag by: Clairo

Feel Something by: Clairo

Sinking by: Clairo

I Wouldn’t Ask You by: Clairo

Yeah. That’s it. It’s just Immunity, the 2019 debut studio album by Clairo.

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