The Monday Catchup 9/28/20

The rumors are true. I have the blood of 20+ beetles on my hands. Not literally, that would be disgusting. I spent the weekend in my childhood bedroom, which has an Achilles Heel in the form of some secret bug-entrance in an undeterminable location. The 2007 ladybug invasion left me with a severe aversion to the smell of ladybugs (apparently they secrete smelly liquid from their joints as a fear tactic). I’ve had my fill of manic moths and speedy spiders. Heck, this isn’t even the first year those nasty stink bug beetle things have made an appearance in my place of residence. But this time was different.

Picture this: you’re in Sunday afternoon seminar with me. Perhaps you notice I begin to look uneasy. I’m looking above and behind me somewhat frantically. Fear is in my eyes. And suddenly, my camera is off, and there’s a message from me in the chat: “Sorry, there are beetles descending on me. I must assassinate them. Be right back.” And then I’m gone for what feels like an inappropriate amount of time to off some bugs. I’ll spare you all the gory details, but the scene ended with almost 30 beetle corpses, a pungent stank in the air, and my air conditioning unit fallen to the ground from my second story window. Here’s the weekend.

How was my weekend?

  • High: I purchased a wing chair.
  • Low: I need not say.
  • Buffalo: Drove a tractor into a Trump lawn sign.

How was your weekend?

“We got a squatty potty.”

“I spilled coffee on my computer.”

“Opened a new bottle of pills!”

~~A Look Ahead~~

What: Delt Blood Drive

When: Tuesday, September 29th, 1:30-6:30

Where: KAC

Why: The Delts care.

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