What’s Happening at Weaver Cottage?

In this week’s issue of the Thrill, Kenyon’s oldest and most reputable investigative journal, I delve into the goings-on (or lack thereof) at Weaver Cottage this strange semester. Is anyone using it? Is someone living there? Can I live there? Can you live there? Is a goblin living there?

I’ve spent the first month of my sophomore year walking past Weaver Cottage several times a day, trekking to and from my classes and Peirce. The walk may be far, but the scenery is nice– Weaver, the fall leaves of North Campus, and of course, my beloved Bexeley— but when I walk past Weaver, I look into its windows like a little 19th century English boy looking longingly into the window of a candy store. I may not have been the most consistent attendant of Weaver Wednesdays last year, but it’s the principle of it all! I couldn’t stand by and let it crumble to the ground, so off I went to investigate Weaver’s wellbeing.

Luckily, I was quickly able to get an answer. According to Dean of Campus Life Laura Kane, “Weaver is lonely right now!” This is heartbreaking news! However, she quickly reassured me that it has not been entirely left to rot– “It remains available for in-person campus programming (still 10 or fewer attendees).” So, if anyone wants to form a small and exclusive club, you now have the perfect meeting place for it. As for living in the cottage, the upstairs does have bedrooms available if the need arises. Does this mean I can live there? Unfortunately not, but that’s okay– I can continue my daily walks by Weaver Cottage with the knowledge that it’s in safe hands.

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