Please for the Love of God Stop Asking Me to do Things

My demands are simple. Since the semester began, people have not stopped asking me to do things. Every day, I am asked to do more things. It is absurd, unjust, and I will not put up with it a moment longer.

We are all going through a lot right now. I know, because no one will shut up about it. If you are like me–– and if you actually read The Thrill, then you probably are–– then you are used to overcommitting yourself. You thought you’d start your senior year by manning five different tables at the Involvement Fair. But look at us. We are lost. We are tired. We cannot do a single thing more.

It is rude, frankly, that I am still being asked to do things that are not urgent matters of life and death. Because there are enough things that I actually do have to do. I have serious responsibilities to my loved ones, to public health, and to God, and I take them very seriously. But I have exhausted my reserves. I wrote a seven-page paper last week; It took me five days. I survive seminar through power of prayer alone. Due to the effort I’m expending writing this article, I will have no choice but to keep my camera off through my 10-person Zoom class tomorrow morning.

If you ask me to do something, it had better be CPR, and you had better be unconscious on the ground. If I have already told you I would do something, I demand you cut me some slack. I myself have been cutting so much slack. Did you know The Thrill assigns three posts to go up every day? That’s right, every day, seven days a week, three separate articles are scheduled to appear on this website. Do you know how many days this year that has actually happened? I’ll tell you, it was three days: September 7, September 14, and September 17. And one of those posts was a last-minute call for applications so really, it was only two days.

But you know what? It does. not. matter.

If this were a normal year and we were on campus, I would lie in wait at Peirce as tardy writers and editors trickle in, and pounce right when they put their panini in the press. Obviously this is not a normal year, and now when editors and writers are tardy, I cannot for the life of me muster up the energy to be mad about it.

Thrill posts are not the only area in which I am constantly let down. I won’t get into the general fuckage of news stories and social issues because ummmmmmmmmmmmm, I’m just talking about my dumb little Kenyon life of extracurriculars and classes and people. My expectations lie at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. And I’m still disappointed.

I have decided to stop asking people to do things unless I believe in my heart that there will be human casualties if that thing is not done, and I urge you all to follow my lead. If people have already expressed interest in doing something, then I would offer them the option of attempting certain activities that could potentially enrich their lives, as long as they have time and emotional bandwidth to spare. But again that is only for when people have already expressed interest in doing something.

I can guarantee you all that I am NOT interested in doing ANYTHING right now and that is unlikely to change before the end of 2020. So I beg you, please, in the name of the lord Jesus christ STOP ASKING ME TO DO THINGS.

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