Urgent Questions for People On Campus

I look forward to receiving your answers.

  • Um, the comfort inn????
  • Who is in Weaver what is in Weaver is Weaver okay
  • Related: Are Weaver Wednesdays happening? I’ve never been to a Weaver Wednesday in my life but it is very upsetting to think they aren’t happening.
  • Are there tents? Like big outdoor tents? Do you use them?
  • Is there a limit to how long you can sit in Peirce? Will someone kick you out? Can you still use it as a study space? Please I am actually so anxious about this I hate the mods and I refuse to study in a tent.
  • Can you still hog Wiggin booths for hours at a time without feeling guilty because you got there at 7 a.m. and everyone knows the early bird gets the booth or has social distancing completely upended Wiggin etiquette?
  • Who isn’t social distancing or wearing masks? I want names.
  • This is the opposite of question but please do NOT tell me anything about the library, I don’t want to hear it.
  • Is there still self-serve Bookstore coffee or is that too unsanitary now?
  • Parking? Not to be rude but if you’re a first or second year I think you should still have to park in South 3 regardless of how many cars are on campus.
  • What’s the KAC like? I’ve never worked out at KAC before and never will but like, can you?
  • Parties. In general. What’s happening there. Be honest. I heard about the Betas. Are there others? I swear to god. I swear to freaking god if you guys are breaking social distancing guidelines I will just be really upset and you know I get it you want to see your friends but use good judgement please plus I know you only actually get along with like four people so just be considerate okay?
  • Do you miss us?

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