5 Quick and Easy Disguises for When You Don’t Want to be Seen at Wiggins for the Seventh Time in One Day

It’s 2 p.m. on a Wednesday and you have English in ten minutes and you still haven’t done the reading but think you might be able to squeeze it in with just a little caffeine boost … Oh wait, you’ve already been to Wigs thrice today. (Yep, once at breakfast and then again after class and then at lunch too.) You know you can’t face the baristas AGAIN. The shame would simply haunt you. We’ve all been here before. So what’s the solution you might ask? Spare yourself the embarrassment by carrying around a full suitcase of disguises with you at all times! You can change in the bathroom after class so you’ll never be judged for your fourth dirty chai within the span of six hours again. Here are five quick and easy ways to change your appearance in a snap:

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