Does anyone wanna get dinner at Peirce?

Heyyy! Quick Q. Was just wondering if you’ve gotten dinner yet?

Supper bell is ringing and mama is not gonna sit alone at a glass carrel, no sir! That would be a CRYING shame and I simply will not have it. To remedy this, I’m gonna send out a freaking allstu email to make sure everyone knows I need a dinner buddy!

Come on, guys! I’m begging, I’m pleading. We’re all looking to make new pals, right? We all decided now’s the time to forge new connections, didn’t we? Add me in your group chats, add me to your gang, tell all your friends ‘guess who’s coming to dinner!’ I’m coming and they’re gonna love me. I’ll scream through the plexiglass so I make sure can hear my awesome stories about ALL of my ailments.

I’m sick of getting stared at for shoveling noodles down my gullet at a corner table. Reply to my plea if you’re a fan of NEW side (cuz you’re a kid, old side is for the older kids only).

Thanks guys :)!

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