I Am So Full of Yearn These Days

yearning Stock Photo - Alamy

2020 is certainly the Year of the Yearn, and I am a participant. All I do is yearn these days.

All I seem to think about is Pride and Prejudice (2005) and the profound yearn that can be found in that scene when Mr. Darcy is helping Elizabeth into the carriage. But also, I think about just like reaching out to tap a stranger on their shoulder because they dropped their wallet on the sidewalk. Or maybe just like the loud sweatiness of a really packed bar with people all around or splitting an appetizer with a casual friend or maybe walking through Target without a mask, touching all the tchotchkes. Oh or like somebody offering you a drag of their cigarette on the porch of a party and seeing their pink lipstick on it and not giving a shit that it was in their mouth because like what’s the worst that could happen. Just like generally standing in line or like the tension between you and a maskless person at an airport. Also, just casually talking close to somebody or maybe I don’t know eating in Peirce and laughing. Whatever I don’t know.

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