The Monday Catchup 10/19/20

Did you miss me? Why not? :(

Well, whether you like it or not, my hiatus is officially over. The Monday Catchup is back again! Are we okay? How are we doing? I’m not doing great. I had a meeting today with my student org and I was honestly in shambles. I didn’t even realize how unhinged I’ve become, until I had to give my high-low-buffalo of the week, confidently went to tell everyone my high, and genuinely couldn’t think of anything. OOF. I don’t even have midterms, I just have that regular old mid-October disillusionment with my education. What am I doing? What are we doing? We just get up in the mornings, maybe do some “homework” or “reading” or whatever? Then we “go” to “class” in our bedrooms?? This is an ice cold take, but that’s very dumb. Whatever. Here’s the catchup.

How was my weekend?

  • High: I made a yummy egg sandwich.
  • Low: I turned in a second draft of my ~tv pilot~ and it was absolute trash.
  • Buffalo: We watched an episode of Lost in the daylight.

How was your weekend?

“I costume designed a pair of cutoff shorts for a low-grade porno about the USPS.”

“I bent over right when as I got a baby barf and ended up getting stomach acid up my nose.”

~~A Look Ahead~~

What: Cabaret-19, a digital theatre EXPERIENCE

When: Friday, Oct. 23, 8:00 pm


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