The Thrill Reacts: COVID-19 Testing

In the midst of another “quiet period,” our thrill staff has some thoughts on the personal experience of getting tested for COVID-19. It might feel good, it might feel bad. It might feel wrong, it might feel kinda right? but it will certainly feel like something.

Isla Hamblett: 

  • The most CDC approved way to get a deviated septum. And it’s included in tuition! 

Jess Karan:

  • Nothing like a good ol’ nasal probe to start the day

Seth Lockwood:

  • Can’t wait!

Ella Simpson:

  • Sometimes I am so numb that I just need to stick a swab up my nose to feel something. You know?

Micah Kim:

  • Now I can be proud of picking my nose in college

Ellie Melick:

  • Never been tested and starting to feel left out :/

Sarah Groustra:

  • I also have never been tested…nothing to add your honor :(

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