A Little Birdie Told Me They Set Up a Spirit Halloween in Colburn

As someone studying off campus this semester, I’ve been behind on the gossip. The word around town, the “juicy stuff,” so to speak. So imagine my surprise when I find out that the administration has let Spirit Halloween take over Colburn Hall to give the on-campus students a spooktacular surprise for Halloweekend. 

According to my super secret, totally legit and definitely real sources, a lack of “spooky energy” on campus triggered the drastic decision. The goal is for students to browse the mid-priced Halloween costumes until they feel inspired enough to go back to their dorms and DIY a costume based on something they saved from Pinterest.

I’m not complaining, though. It’s a great use for Colburn while all-campuses are on pause, and it looks like the bright orange banner has reinvigorated the spooky vibes on campus. Either that, or the ghosts and ghoulies are possessing people again. I guess I’ll have to visit my local Spirit Halloween to find out.

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