Top Five Unconventional and Unexpected Roles to Play in my Burgeoning Kenyon iCarly Roleplay Group

Dearest reader,

If you have received this missive, that means you have expressed interest in joining the upcoming Kenyon iCarly roleplay sessions. As of this letter, many of the main roles are taken. Do not, however, let this be a cause of consternation for you. There are still many interesting, albeit unconventional, roles for you to pursue. Below I have listed five, although there is a true treasure trove of uniquely crafted characters.

My first idea goes by the code name UNLUCKY, otherwise known as “Shane.” Known simply for falling down an elevator shaft, Shane is a character absolutely brimming with potential. One could pretend to fall down the aforementioned elevator shaft, or pretend to be laid up in a hospital bed.

The second goes by the code name UNRELENTING, otherwise known as “Missy.” Missy was a wonderful character with an excellent story: An old friend of Carly Shay’s who tries to remove best friend Sam Puckett from her life by feeding her expired chocolates. Not to mention Missy’s tale ends with her stuck on a voyaging ship. This is rife with opportunity, and a story like this could take up two, if not three sessions.

The third goes by the code name UNKIND, otherwise known as “Doug Toder.” The man referred to only by his surname is Spencer’s teenaged fencing rival. He is incredibly arrogant, but not without merit, as he has defeated Spencer in around thirty consecutive matches. However, Ms. Benson of “Fencin’ Benson” fame fells him. Ready your épée!

The fourth goes by the code name UNKEMPT, otherwise known as “Ms. Ackerman.” Ms. Ackerman is a teacher at the iCarly webcast members’ school, and she begins a relationship with Spencer Shay. However, after their tumultuous relationship comes to a close, due to her often obsessive tendencies, Ms. Ackerman unleashes her rage onto the students by giving Carly a failing grade on her pop quiz. At the end of her arc, it is revealed that Ms. Ackerman illegally downloaded music and is soon after arrested.

The fifth goes by the code name UNSEEN, and is otherwise known as “Socko.” Socko is Spencer’s oft-mentioned but never seen best friend, who often provides him with wacky and unexpected objects. This character should be especially intriguing to any prospective applicants, as Socko can be seen as sort of a god figure, who can pull the strings of the characters like a bonafide marionettist. A caveat, though, is that you would have to remain out of sight, like behind a tree or wall.

If you have any other ideas, leave a letter in laundry machine #3 at Old Kenyon. Until then, good luck and godspeed. We meet at midnight every Friday. Shh!

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