If Procrastination Was a Month, It Would Be November

Ah, November. The month when I, like so many other students, will be scrambling to complete assignments that I should have done a long time ago. I’m definitely forgetting other things that I should’ve gotten started by now, especially with Halloween being over and done with.

Even if I did remember everything else on my to-do list, I probably wouldn’t start it until December.

Gifts for my friends and family this holiday season? That’s a problem for December.

Catching up on classes in time for finals? Save it for the week before finals week.

Writing an article on time for once? Not gonna happen (sorry to my editor, I appreciate you and your patience). Editors Note: Still love you!!!

No, instead of getting on top of my work, I’m content watching it pile up before my eyes, just so I don’t have to undergo the horror of starting an assignment and actually being productive for once.

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