Quiz: Which Iconic Kenyon Professor Are You?

Take this quiz to find out!

Question #1: Which book best describes your personality?

A → Cervantes’ Don Quixote

BOn the Road by Jack Kerouac

CCatcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

D If I Did It by OJ Simpson

Question #2: Do your kids resent you?

A → Yes. They hate me so much

B → Not at all

C → Probably. I’m a bad person

D → I have literally no idea

Question #3: It’s Friday night and you’re looking to spend time with your kids (finally!) Which disappointing fast-casual restaurant do you take them to?

A → Panera. I love that place

B → Chipotle. Sometimes you gotta splurge!

C → Long John Silver’s. My kids deserve to suffer

D → Sizzler. Why not?

Question #4: Uh oh! Your kids have just looked you dead in the eye and said “It’s us or your career.” How do you respond?

A → “I choose my career, but I hope we can make things work when you turn 30.”

B → “I think that I have been able to strike the perfect balance between teaching and being a present parent. However, if it will make you happy, I will retire.”

C → “I don’t like any of you, because you remind me of myself. I choose my career, please do not contact me anymore.”

D → “I honestly don’t know which to choose.”

Question #5: What does your dream classroom look like?

Your results…

Mostly As = If you picked mostly As, you are iconic professor Soup Jones. You are a free spirit, your kids hate you, and there is nothing you can do about that.

Mostly Bs = If you picked mostly Bs, you are iconic professor Melissa Ferrari. You are a good person and an even better parent. Great job!

Mostly Cs = If you picked mostly Cs, you are iconic professor Jason Vacation. You are the worst

Mostly Ds = If you picked mostly Ds, you are iconic professor Caroline Cabbage. You are a medium professor and a medium parent. You will probably be fine.

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