The Monday Catchup 11/09/20

Wow! So election week was pretty crazy, huh? The whole experience was honestly very on-brand for 2020. It dragged on for far too long, emotions somehow managed to run high while also instilling that deep-seated numbness and feeling of dread that we’ve come to know so well, and there were a shit ton of MAPS. So many maps. And while I could talk about how HISTORIC and GROUND BREAKING this election was, I’m going to talk to you all about my new appreciation for maps, and more particularly, map guys, and even more particularly, Steve Kornacki.

Because oh my god. If you so much as looked at Twitter last week, you will know Steve’s name. He’s an analyst for MSNBC, and was standing at his magic map screen for DAYS at a time, bringing us fiercely-adorable-nerdy-number realness. This man is a legend. He was whipping out a calculator, checking his phone for faster updates than his magic map screen could give him, and really breaking down the FACTS for us. He’s no-nonsense. And I love him for that. I had Steve pulled up on my computer when I was getting ready in the mornings, I tweeted about Steve, I read articles about Steve, I started getting Steve fancam tiktoks on my For You page. His khakis? Incredible. His shirt? As Leslie Jones said during her election coverage tweets, “that’s a real shirt.” Did Steve change clothes at all last week? Nope, just the tie. Did Steve sleep last week? Not really. Producers made him go take a nap and he was not happy about it. Did he win America’s heart? You betcha. We love you Steve. Thanks for keeping us informed.

How was my weekend?

  • High: The horse is leaving the hospital!
  • Low: No more Steve :(
  • Buffalo: For exactly one hour, I convinced myself I was developing a lazy eye.

How was your weekend?

“I found a grocery store that made me believe in god again.”

“I was recognized by a local woman in a coffee shop because I take frequent walks around the neighborhood. She said, ‘I see you EVERY DAY,’ which is probably true.”

~~A Look Ahead~~

What: Will I Always Be A Caterpillar?

WHAT? A collection of student-written monologues, presented by virtually by the Kenyon College Players

When: Thursday Nov. 12 through Sunday Nov. 15, at 8 p.m. EST each night.

Where: Here

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